Summer 2025


Seattle, WA.



About the bid

Seattle has a long history of fandom and fannish activity. The Pacific Northwest Region supports several long running conventions including Norwescon, Orycon, and Rustycon.

As a desination city Seattle and the surronding region is bursting with natural and cultural attractions to satisfy just about everyone.

Convention Space

The Washington State Convention Center is a more vertical space than horizontal. However, it is still large. It hosts PAX, Emerald City Comic-Con, and SakuraCon every year so there is plenty of space for programming, exhibits, and most events. It is a fully accessible building. The Hyatt Regency is a brand-new facility. It has 103,000 square feet of meeting space with 52 meeting rooms and 4 ballrooms. It also has foyer and mezzanine space that can be rented. Location for the Hugo Awards and Masquerade is still under consideration including looking at a nearby historic theater, The Paramount. The Paramount is 2 blocks from the Convention Center.


Our location will be in downtown Seattle. We are currently looking at the Washington State Convention Center, the Washington State Conference Center, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The Hyatt Regency Hotel opened in early 2019. It’s a new facility with 5 floors of function space plus ballrooms.

Generally speaking, most Seattle hotels include internet in the room, and they will be incredibly close to the convention center. We are looking at blocks likely in the ...

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International Airport

SeaTac International Airport (SEA) is a major hub for several airlines. The biggest carrier is Alaska Airlines with Southwest as a close second. There are direct flights from Dublin, Tokyo, London, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and many other cities. All major US carriers have some sort of flight into and out of SeaTac as do most international carriers.

City Transportation

SeaTac International is 15 miles from downtown Seattle. There are many fantastic options for transportation into Seattle from the airport. Link light rail provides a 50 minute train/subway ride from the airport directly to downtown Seattle. From the Westlake Station stop, you will be approximately 6 blocks from the convention center. Cost for a one-way ride on link light rail is $2.25 to $3.25, and tickets ...

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Restaurant Scene

Varied and awesome. You can get any cuisine you want in downtown Seattle. In the Convention center, there is a crepe place, a Subway, and a general café. Across the street is an Indian place. A block down is a Cheesecake Factory and steak place. 2 blocks down, there is Pacific Place, which has a food court. 4 blocks down, there is Westlake Mall, which has another food court. And, during the weekdays, Westlake Place also has a food truck extravaganza. Pike Place Market, with several food options, is a 7 block walk from the Convention Center.


Weather that will make you suspect Seattle residents lie about the rainy weather. It will likely be in the 70s to 80s and sunny.

Tourist Attractions

There is Pike Place Market, the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square, Ride the Ducks, the Space Needle, the Seattle Art Museum, the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPoP), which has the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, the Pacific Science Center, the Olympic Sculpture Park, Smith Tower, and the Klondike Museum. There is also Elliott Bay Bookstore in Capital Hill, which is a quarter mile walk from the convention center.

Parties and Alcohol

We will be able to have parties in sleeping rooms. However, if groups wish to serve alcohol in an open-party environment, WA state law requires that they have a special occasion license. These licenses are $60/per event and can only be obtained by a 501c3.The license also requires that you sell your drinks at cost. Since the license gives you access to purchase alcohol at wholesale prices from special stores, you can sell drinks for .50 cents. Additionally, the WA State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board has recently re-interpreted the special occasion license and will only grant one license per location per group. There is a work around for this, ...

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Bid Committee

Kathy Bond
Kathy Bond


SunnyJim Morgan
SunnyJim Morgan



Alan Bond, member at large

Kevin Black, member at large

Don Glover, member at large

Shawn Marier, member at large

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