Privacy and Diversity

Seattle 2025 Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is designed to provide details about how we manage, share, and secure the information we collect. We strive to provide a fair balance between gathering information to provide needed services and protecting individual privacy.

For the purposes of this document, personal information is defined as information that is linked or linkable to an identifiable individual.

The personal information collected by Seattle 2025 is stored and managed in compliance with applicable US federal laws, and in the event the State of Washington passes a state-wide privacy law, we will comply with that as well.

Changes to this Policy

Seattle 2025 may change this policy. When changes are made, we update this privacy policy page with the changes.

General Information

In regard to the storage and management of the data collected by Seattle 2025, the convention acts to ensure that all personal data is collected for lawful purposes, relevant and not excessive, kept up to date for accuracy, kept secure, only accessed by authorized Seattle 2025 staff, and not shared without permission.

How We Use this Data

In order to conduct the business of Seattle 2025, we collect personal data submitted to us by people who interact with our convention in order to provide the agreed upon services and to share information and updates regarding our services and events.

Required Data

While a variety of data types may be requested and collected for use by Seattle 2025, only an individual’s name, email address and country is required.

For potential program participants, we will also request information about areas of interest and experience in order to place participants on program items. While demographic information (such as ethnicity, national identity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, etc.), this information will be optional.

We will provide a space for members to provide data (optionally) for the purposes of making reasonable accommodations. To ensure that we will not over-collect information, we will never request medical records or require health documentation from members.

Accessing Data

Any member may request to have their personal information changed and/or deleted in the Seattle 2025 data systems by contacting from the email address that we have on file to make their request.

Destroying Data

All data collected on individuals will be changed, deleted, or modified upon request. In addition, all personal data in the Seattle 2025 systems will be deleted two years after the convention unless we have a legal requirement to retain it.

Securing Data

Data collected by us will be stored securely and managed through appropriate protections.


If you have any questions about this policy or Seattle 2025’s data policies, please contact Seattle 2025 at


Seattle 2025 wants to invite the Worldcon community to our city to experience Pacific Northwest fan culture and to continue to build upon and engage with our fandom community of learners, readers, doers, makers, and creators. We want to bring the Worldcon community back to experience Seattle, and to give our local community who cannot travel, the opportunity to learn from and create with our Worldcon community.

To accomplish the above, we will make Diversity, Inclusion, Access, and Affordability separate, yet intertwined, poles of all our planning. This will come from the top down and include ongoing work to reach out to under-represented groups to join our bid and to be advisors in areas where we lack lived experience, as noted above in forming an advisory committee.

We are engaging our local community with fan tables, panels, and eventually room parties at our local conventions. We plan to recruit local fans to work alongside Worldcon regulars on our eventual con committee.

Outside of fandom groups, we also are in the process of developing a sponsorship plan to direct our relationships with local groups such as Clarion West, MoPop, Amazon, Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast, F5, Arena Net, Starbucks, Seattle Public Library, and many others.

We acknowledge that we are bidding to host a Worldcon on the unceded traditional lands of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish people. A people that are still here, that are still creating, and that are still stewards of their land.