Panel Suggestion

Is there something you’d like to see at Seattle Worldcon 2025? Let us know! We want to make sure our program is as engaging to our members as possible, and will gladly take your suggestions into consideration as we work with our pros and panelists to craft our programming. Feel free to suggest ideas even if you’re not personally qualified to be on the panel.

If you are interested in being an attending pro or panelist, please let us know through our Panelists page.

If you would like to suggest a panel, presentation, or workshop, we require:

  1. A title (no more than 8 words)
  2. A description of the event (no more than 100 words)
  3. Technical requirements (if any)

PLEASE NOTE: Ideas submitted through this page are considered suggestions and not formal proposals, and we may get the same or similar ideas from several people (which is great, as it helps us gauge interest). As such, we reserve the right to use the idea in whole or in part, on its own or in conjunction with other related ideas. As we expect to receive many ideas as we plan, we will not credit individual ideas to the people who suggested them, nor can we guarantee that your suggested panelists will be on the final panel. Thank you!

Panel Suggestion

50 characters (about eight words) maximum.
600 characters (about 100 words) maximum.
Please be specific! Easel with flipboard and pens, screen and projector with HDMI input, none, etc.