Committee and Staff

Kathy, a white woman with short dark hair, sitting outside on a rocky pacific northwest beach on a grey day, wearing sunglasses and a blue-and-black jacket.

Kathy Bond

Kathy has been chair of Norwescon three times, as well as multiple years as treasurer or business director. For Worldcon, Kathy was a legal advisor for Sasquan, operations division head for Worldcon 76, deputy division head of member and staff services for Dublin 2019, and member services division head for Chicon 8 until a month before con. Kathy coordinated the Hugo voter’s packet for Worldcon 76, Dublin 2019, and CoNZealand. A recovering academic, Kathy is a great person to have on your trivia team and has a day job as a labor lawyer.

Alan Bond, a white man with a greying, light-brown beard, wearing a dark shirt, sunglasses, and tan fedora, in front of a chain link fence with trees and buildings in the background.

Alan Bond
Division Head – Member Services

Alan Bond has been helping organize conventions for 15 years. After running events and convention services for Norwescon, he jumped to virtual operations, with a field promotion to show director for the Hugo Awards at ConZealand. This was followed over the next three weeks by pulling the Columbus 2020 NASFiC out of cancellation and mounting a successful three-track free virtual event. Since then he has been technical director for RoFcon, Norwescon, and Chicon 8.

Angela Jones
Division Head – Finance

Angela has been involved in Worldcon volunteering for over 15 years, combining it with her full-time career as a jeweler. She’s an ongoing volunteer for Boskone as well as other conventions and her most recent position was division head – exhibits for Pemmi-Con. Sometimes she eats doughnuts.

A small white cat with one black ear, wearing a black bow tie, sitting on a grey couch.

Division Head – WSFS

Cassidy has been involved in Worldcon volunteering since working briefly on DisCon III, followed by serving as Hugo finalist liaison for Chicon 8. Cassidy also spends time fundraising for various children’s health charities as part of their quilting/running community, and volunteering at other organizations as part of their full-time job.

Kevin, a white man with short bright blue hair, wearing a black t-shirt, outside in a Pacific Northwest forest and surrounded by tall trees.

Kevin Black
Division Head – Publications

Kevin was an editor in the program division for Discon III, the pocket program editor for Chicon 8, and has held innumerable staff positions over two decades at Norwescon, in recent years predominantly in publications. His convention job in publishing is a refuge from his day job as a state government lawyer. A bucket list goal is to change his name to Vroomfondel.

Michelle Morrell, a white woman with long straight dark brown hair, wearing a headband with veil and feathers and a black top, standing in front of a full bookcase.

Michelle Morrell
Division Head – Exhibits

Michelle has held numerous positions at Norwescon including member services director and secretary. Her special passion project is the Norwescon Little Free Library book exchange, where thousands of books get rehomed each year. She reviews contracts by day, prowls the Seattle goth scene by night, looks for any excuse to wear elf ears, and lives by the creed, “I read, therefore, I am.”

Richard Fife, a white man with medium-length brown hair and greying beard, wearing a leather hat, glasses, leather jacket with a progress pride flag pin, and brown shirt, standing in front of a bookcase.

Richard Fife
Division Head – Virtual and Hybrid Integration

Richard Fife has been involved in conventions for the past 15 years, working in the programming departments of DragonCon and JordanCon, and being the founding vice-chair of Multiverse Convention, all in Atlanta. He also worked with the on-site virtual team at Chicon 8. In his day job, he is an audiovisual systems engineer with extensive experience in virtual and hybrid systems, specifically in higher education. He is also the author of the Endless Skies series from Falstaff Books.

SunnyJim, a white woman with long wavy red hair, wearing a white top under a maroon and gold bodice, against a black background.

SunnyJim Morgan
Division Head – Programming

SunnyJim has been involved with various Worldcon programming teams, has been the chair and vice-chair of Norwescon, headed programming for Norwescon eight times, and worked in a variety of other departments at a variety of local conventions. She worked professionally in the event industry in Seattle for several years.

More staff bios forthcoming….