The Worldcon program features hundreds of hours of panel programming covering such diverse subjects as science fiction, fantasy, horror, science, costuming, art, writing, genre television, and movies, as well as presentations, workshops, events, table talks, autograph signings, kids programming, and more.

How to Become a Panelist or Presenter

All panelists and presenters at Seattle Worldcon 2025 must be members of the convention. Seattle Worldcon 2025 will review and choose panelists and presenters continuously starting in 2024 through early 2025. You can indicate an interest in appearing on program by filling out this form. After brief vetting, we will send interested individuals an invitation to appear on program with a thorough survey form.

If you have suggestions for panels, presentations, or workshops you would like to see at Worldcon, please visit our panel suggestion form.

A dark-skinned person with black hair wearing purple and grey-blue retro-futuristic clothing gestures to the viewer's left. Green-tinted documents float around them.