A Worldcon is run entirely by unpaid, volunteer staff. Seriously! For over 80 years it has been a convention created by and for fans, fueled by dedicated community servants. More than any other factor, that fact makes this event and this community special and unique, full of acts of creativity, profound quirkiness, and kindness which money literally cannot buy. That is why when you purchase an attending membership to Worldcon you receive a membership and not a ticket. Many local and regional conventions also follow this model.

Five people dressed in retrofuturistic clothing, of varied apparent races, genders, and ages. One is in a hover chair, and one is using a jetpack.

You too can join this community of makers, doers, and shapers, whether for a few hours of a morning during the con, or by engaging in planning activities that last for a season or for the whole year. This page will be updated to reflect specific areas of staff recruitment and volunteer opportunities. Meanwhile, you can express your interest in volunteering, whether or not you have a specific role in mind, by filling out our volunteer interest form. If you have difficulties with the form, please email volunteers@seattlein2025.org.