World Science Fiction Society

All Worldcons follow the rules of the World Science Fiction Society, also known as WSFS (“whiz-fizz”). All Worldcons have specific duties and responsibilities that occur at each convention as the WSFS Constitution determines. Two of the most prominent elements are the Hugo Awards and Site Selection.

Hugo Awards

The Hugo Awards are awarded each year by WSFS at that year’s Worldcon.

Nominations for the Hugo Awards will open in early 2025. In order for a WSFS member to nominate works, a person must purchase a WSFS membership before January 31, 2025 or be a member of the Glasgow Worldcon in 2024. After nominations have closed, the final ballot will be announced, and all members of Seattle Worldcon 2025 will be able to vote for the winners in each category.

Additionally, a Worldcon can choose to create a special category in the Hugo Awards should there be compelling reasons to do so. No decision has been made on this.

Site Selection

Seattle Worldcon 2025 will also administer the vote to determine where the 2027 Worldcon will be held. All members of Seattle Worldcon 2025 will be able to vote in Site Selection after payment of the extra voting fee. Voting in Site Selection automatically gives the voter a WSFS attending membership for the 2027 Worldcon. More details and information about site selection will be available later.

WSFS Business Meeting

A light-skinned child with brown hair in pigtails, wearing a retrofuturistic outfit in shades of blue and purple, holds a wrench in one hand while using a screwdriver on a green robotic pet with their other hand.The Business Meeting is where the WSFS members are able to debate and vote on the WSFS Constitution. This includes suggesting changes to the constitution about Hugo Award categories, how Site Selection is conducted, and how the Business Meeting is run.