General Travel Info

Getting Here

SeaTac International Airport (SEA) is a major hub for several airlines. The biggest carrier is Alaska Airlines with Southwest as a close second. There are direct flights from Dublin, Tokyo, London, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and many other cities. All major US carriers have some sort of flight into and out of SeaTac as do most international carriers.

Computer rendering of an aerial view of SeaTac International Airport. SeaTac International is 15 miles from downtown Seattle. There are many fantastic options for transportation into Seattle from the airport. Link Light Rail provides a 50-minute train/subway ride from the airport directly to downtown Seattle. Exit at Westlake Station and you will be approximately six blocks from the convention center. Cost for a one-way ride on link light rail is $2.25 to $3.25, and tickets can be purchased on the platform.

Seattle is also served by Amtrak trains and several bus services.

A dark-skinned person with short dark hair and sideburns, wearing a yellow jumpsuit with black tie and red collar, belt, and boots, uses a jetpack to fly to the viewer's left.

Getting Around Town

King County Metro provides buses, light rail, and street-car options for travel. You can pay directly with cash on the bus, with the Transit Go mobile app, or with an ORCA card. King County Metro has more information on all three transit payment options.

A row of green ride-share bicycles at a stand ready to be rented.Additionally, the Seattle Department of Transportation provides information on Seattle’s bike- and scooter-sharing options.

There is limited parking available in the downtown core, but parking garages are plentiful. If you are willing to park a little further out, you can find cheaper street parking down by the waterfront. Parking option pricing can vary from $10 to $50/day.

For accessibility information for getting around Seattle, we highly recommend AccessMap Seattle, a project by the University of Washington’s Taskar Center for Accessible Technology.