Hotels and Accommodations

The area around the Seattle Convention Center–Summit contains numerous hotels and is connected to transit corridors, creating a wealth of options for travelers. Seattle Worldcon 2025 is contracting for a room block with five hotels, all within a five-block radius of the convention center, with no steep slopes. Links to book rooms will be posted on this page when they open, so watch for announcements.

Headquarters Hotel

The Sheraton Grand Seattle is the headquarters hotel for the Seattle Worldcon. The Sheraton will host evening convention activities after daily events wind down at the convention center, such as a member lounge, dances, open gaming, filking, participatory activities, and more. The Sheraton Grand is also designated as the official hotel for room parties, and will have 30 hospitality suites available for hosted evening events. Evening events at the Sheraton Grand, including open-invitation room parties, will be open to all convention members regardless of whether they are staying in the hotel.

Room Block Hotels

Here are the five room block hotels, with address, phone number, walking distance from the convention center, and room block rate:

  • Sheraton Grand Seattle, 1400 6th Ave, Seattle 98101, (206) 621-9000, 3.5 blocks, $254
  • Hyatt Regency Seattle, 808 Howell St, Seattle 98101, (206) 973-1234, 0.3 blocks, $244
  • Hyatt at Olive 8, 1635 8th Ave, Seattle 98101, (206), 695-1234, 1 block, $254
  • Grand Hyatt Seattle, 721 Pine St, Seattle 98101, (206) 774-1234, 1.5 blocks, $264
  • Mayflower Park Hotel, 405 Olive Way, Seattle 98101, (206) 623-8700, 5 blocks, $223

Other Accommodations

Seattle is a popular tourist destination, and staying downtown in summertime is expensive, in part due to competition with cruise industry travelers. We don’t want cost to be a barrier! Seattle is home to several hostels, such as the Green Tortoise Hostel, which typically have rates below $100. The convention center is four blocks from the Link light rail at Westlake Station, connecting pedestrians to SeaTac Airport area hotels to the south, and Northgate and University District options to the north. A proximity search in each location will reveal reasonable cost options, and this just scratches the surface of deals which a budget-conscious traveler may find. If staying in Seattle still feels out of reach, be aware that it is typical for Worldcons to establish fan funds to defray travel expenses for individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend. Subscribe to our newsletter and social media to find out about these opportunities as we get closer to con.