This page contains everything you need to know about joining and attending Seattle Worldcon 2025, including membership types, membership rates, how to register and pay, how to check if you are a member, and our policy on refunds and transfers.

If you need further information or find any of this unclear, please email us at or

Memberships Are Open

Get your Seattle Worldcon 2025 membership today! Base membership and supplemental rates are listed below and are good through January 17, 2024.

Membership Types

Worldcon is a membership based organization, which means that when you decide to attend Worldcon, you also join the membership of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). WSFS is an unincorporated literary society that authorizes different groups to put on the Worldcon and administer the Hugo Awards. As a member of WSFS, you have the right to nominate for the Hugo Awards, vote for the Hugo Awards, vote in site selection for 2027, and participate in the Business meeting.

WSFS Membership

In order to participate in Seattle 2025 Worldcon, you will first need to purchase a WSFS membership. This basic membership will allow you to participate in all the rights and privileges of a WSFS member. Many members choose only this option. WSFS memberships are not transferable.


To attend Seattle 2025 Worldcon, either virtually or in person, you will need to purchase an attending membership, called an attending supplement. The different types of supplements are as follows:

Attending Membership Supplement

This supplement allows you to attend all five days of the convention in person as well as access to the online offerings and replays after the convention. The supplement is fully transferable to other WSFS members. (I.e. you may sell or give the attending membership supplement to someone who is also a WSFS member. WSFS memberships are not transferable.) Different attending membership supplement prices are available for adults (ages 25+), youth (ages 18-24), teens (ages 13-17), and children (ages 0-12).

Age cut-offs are based on your age as of the first day of the convention, August 13, 2025. I.e. if your birthday is August 15th, choose the membership based on how old you are on the 13th.

Virtual Attending Membership Supplement

This supplement allows you to attend all online offerings. Seattle Worldcon 2025 will include virtual content, including at least two streaming programming rooms, the Hugo Awards, and an on-line social gathering space. When permission is granted, streaming items will be available for a limited time post-convention for replay.

Membership Rates

Membership rates for Seattle Worldcon 2025. Current through January 17, 2024.
Membership Type Cost Total Cost
(WSFS Membership + Supplement)
WSFS Membership $50 $50
Attending Membership Supplement (ages 25+) $125 $175
Attending Young Adult Membership Supplement (ages 18-24) $50 $100
Attending Teen Membership Supplement (ages 13-17) $25 $75
Attending Child Membership Supplement (ages 0-12) $0 $0
Virtual Attending Membership Supplement $35 $85

Our first rate hike will be on January 18, 2024, and at that time we will announce further attending membership supplement types including a first-time attendee membership supplement. None of the future supplements will be a lower total cost than our initial supplements.

How to Register and Pay

We are now accepting membership registrations with payment by credit card.

Other Information

Am I a Member?

If you presupported the bid or purchased a site selection voting token, look for an email by the end of 2023 containing instructions how to claim your WSFS membership and upgrade to an attending membership supplement or virtual attending membership supplement, if applicable. If you have questions about whether you did any of these things or are already registered for the convention, email

Refunds and Transfers

Generally, Seattle 2025 Worldcon will not be offering refunds. Exceptional circumstances will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact to discuss matters further.

For transfers, your attending supplement is transferable to another WSFS member; however, due to a change in the WSFS constitution, your WSFS membership is not transferable.

To transfer a supplement, simply email our registration team at from the email address registered with the convention.

If you are transferring a discounted supplement, and the transferee does not match the same profile, they will be asked to pay the difference between the two supplements.