Seattle Worldcon 2025 is powered by members who actively participate in creation of the shared experience of the Worldcon. This page tells you what you need to know to join us by purchasing a membership. Please contact with questions.

Memberships Are Open

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A Word About Costs

Worldcons are funded almost entirely by memberships. Our commitment to equity and inclusion leads us to offer membership options which are below the true per-member cost, which we estimate at $275. We encourage individuals who have financial constraints and those new to Worldcon to choose lower-cost membership options, including our no-questions-asked reduced rate membership. We rely on those who are able to choose our Friend of Worldcon Membership level or consider supplementing their regular membership with a contribution.

Membership Rates for Seattle Worldcon 2025

Membership Type Cost
Friend of Worldcon Membership
(WSFS + Supplement)
Adult Attending Membership – Regular Rate
(WSFS + Supplement) (ages 25+)
Young Adult Attending Membership
(WSFS + Supplement) (ages 18-24)
Teen Attending Teen Membership
(WSFS + Supplement) (ages 13-17)
Child Attending Membership
(no WSFS) (ages 0-12)
Virtual Membership
(WSFS + Virtual Content)
WSFS Only Membership $50
Adult Attending Membership – Reduced Rate
(WSFS + Supplement) (ages 25+)

Age cut-offs are based on your age as of the first day of the convention, August 13, 2025.

What’s in a Worldcon Membership?

A Worldcon attending membership has two components: a WSFS Membership and an Attending Supplement. The WSFS Membership denotes membership in the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), an unincorporated literary society consisting of the members of the current Worldcon. The Attending Supplement confers the right to attend the Worldcon. These terms are provided by the WSFS Constitution. Seattle Worldcon 2025 sells attending memberships in packages which include the WSFS Membership and Attending Supplement. We also sell virtual memberships and WSFS Only memberships which do not include an attending supplement.

Membership Types

Friend of Worldcon Membership

This membership level covers the full cost of your participation and supports our ability to offer lower-cost memberships levels to others for purposes of equity and inclusion. In addition to the benefits of the Adult Attending Membership which described below, Friend of Worldcon members will have access to a special lounge at the Sheraton Hotel providing non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks. Friends of Worldcon members will be acknowledged with their permission and will receive additional modest tokens of our appreciation which are yet to be determined.

Adult Attending Membership

Regular Adult Attending Memberships include the right to attend all five days of the convention, participate in the rights and privileges of WSFS membership, and to access all virtual content and replays after the convention. Adult Attending Memberships are offered at a regular rate which will increase as the convention approaches, and at a reduced rate intended for individuals who would feel constrained to attend at the regular rate.

Young Adult/Teen Attending Membership

Young Adult and Teen Attending Memberships come with all the benefits and rights of an Adult Attending Membership, with a special welcome-to-fandom rate.

Child Attending Membership

Child Attending Memberships (age 0–12) are free, but do not include a WSFS Membership and therefore do not allow for voting in the Hugo Awards or site selection for future Worldcons. Please purchase a WSFS Only Membership for your child if you intend for them to participate in these activities.

Virtual Membership

This membership level includes a WSFS Membership and enables access to virtual content and replays after the convention. Virtual content for the Seattle Worldcon will include at least two program rooms enabled for live streaming, the Hugo Awards, and an online social gathering space. Virtual content items which are available for replay based on participant agreement will be accessible for a limited time after the convention.

WSFS Only Membership

This membership level provides a WSFS Membership but does not include attendance at the Worldcon or access to virtual content. WSFS Only Members are considered supporting members in the Worldcon and may nominate and vote in the 2025 Hugo Awards, participate in site selection for the 2027 Worldcon, and receive a copy of all generally distributed convention publications.

Additional Donations

When you register you will be offered the opportunity to make a donation in addition to your membership fee. If the option chosen is to donate to the Seattle Worldcon 2025 Community Fund, the donation will be specifically used to fund low-to-no cost memberships for deserving individuals. Seattle Worldcon 2025 is a production of Seattle Genre Alliance, a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.

How to Register and Pay

We are now accepting membership registrations with payment by credit card. To pay by check, contact


How Do I Check My Membership Status?

You may already have a Seattle Worldcon 2025 membership if you previously pre-supported the Seattle in 2025 Worldcon bid, purchased a site selection voting token from the Chengdu Worldcon, or purchased a membership through our website. We are currently working to develop a self-service kiosk which will allow you to check your membership status and purchase membership upgrades without assistance. Until this is available, please email to inquire about your membership status.

How Do I Upgrade or Add-On to My Existing Membership?

Until the self-service kiosk is available, please contact to request an upgrade to your membership. The upgrade cost will be determined by applying a credit based on what you have already paid to the cost of the new membership at its current rate. The membership tiers are WSFS-only membership, virtual membership, attending membership, or Friend of Worldcon membership.

Refunds and Transfers

Generally speaking, Seattle Worldcon 2025 does not offer refunds. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact to discuss further.

You may transfer the Attending Supplement portion of your attending membership to another person with a WSFS Membership. According to the WSFS Constitution, the WSFS Membership portion of an attending membership is not transferable, so if the person does not already have one, a WSFS Only Membership must be purchased for the transferee. To transfer an attending membership, please email from the email address which is registered with the convention. The email should include:

  • The attending membership number (found on the dashboard in our membership system);
  • The name and email address of the person to whom the Attending Supplement portion of the attending membership should be transferred; and
  • The membership number of the WSFS Membership to be linked to the transferred attending membership.

If you are transferring a discounted membership and the transferee does not meet the same conditions related to the rate reduction, the transferee will be asked to pay the difference between the two rates.