Welcome to Seattle Worldcon 2025—Building Yesterday’s Future For Everyone

A selfie of Kathy Bond, a white woman with short, bright purple hair, wearing glasses and a black t-shirt, sitting on a couch.My name is Kathy Bond, chair of this Worldcon, and I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Seattle will have the honor of hosting you all for the 83rd World Science Fiction Convention. I love Seattle, especially when it rains, and I cannot wait to share with you all of the rich, vibrant, creative life in the people and places of this city. I hope that you will be able to join us in person or virtually if a trip to Seattle is not in the cards.

Worldcon cannot take place without every member of this community. All of the plans and dreams that have led us here to this moment would not have been possible without the volunteers who helped sit at tables, who talked to each other and you about Seattle, and without the financial support of people buying pre-support memberships. Every tiny act of volunteerism built this bid and helped us win. And we still need those acts of volunteerism. Come join our community of makers, doers, and shapers for a few hours during the convention or throughout this planning process.

My vision for this Worldcon is to bring our Pacific Northwest community and our Worldcon community together to learn from each other, to create with each other, and to build with each other the type of inclusive community that our best genre fiction inspires us to build. Building Yesterday’s Future—For Everyone is an acknowledgement that we have not successfully built the future we have aspired to but that we can still be inspired by the optimism of the past to keep building. We remember our yesterdays; we work for our better futures.

This progress report (169 KB .pdf) provides you the basic information about our fabulous guests of honor, our membership rates, and a brief explanation of our theme. We have even more information on our website about all of this and more. There will be more progress reports and more updates to our website so stay tuned!

Welcome to Seattle Worldcon 2025: Building Yesterday’s Future—For Everyone! We look forward to interacting with all of you over the next two years, and we hope that you choose to Skedaddle to Seattle.