Seattle 2025 Worldcon Bid News September 2023

Have You Voted in Site Selection? You Can Cast Your Vote Now for Seattle in 2025

The site selection vote period for the 2025 Worldcon opened on August 16 and continues through October 20 for in-person voting or hand-carried ballots. As you might have heard, Seattle is unopposed on the ballot. We would still appreciate your vote! WSFS Rules allow write-in campaigns so competition cannot be ruled out. Also, everyone who votes for site selection (even if you don’t vote for us) will receive a WSFS membership in the winning Worldcon. If Seattle wins and you are already a supporting member of the Seattle Bid, you will receive a credit towards your attending membership.

We have heard some individuals have had difficulty voting at the Chengdu website. We had some difficulty ourselves! Our problems were sorted out with the help of the Chengdu team, with lessons learned along the way. Here are the steps to follow for folks using the English language site:

  1. Navigate to the Chengdu website. We hear that best results come from using Chrome.
  2. Click “Logon or Purchase Membership” in the middle of the page.
  3. Under “Logon or Create an Account” type your email address in the box. Note: some popular email hosting services like Yahoo and Hotmail will not accept emails from the Chinese servers and will not work. Gmail worked for us. Chengdu will send you a six-digit code to logon, which should arrive within a minute, if not sooner. If you don’t see it, look in your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, consider trying a different email address.
  4. You will reach a member screen that looks like this:

    Screenshot of the Chengdu website Membership info screen with four buttons leading to different options.

  5. Click “WSFS” at the bottom of the screen in the purple, which takes you to the 2025 Site Selection Page. All the instructions you need are there, although they are long! Here are the highlights:
    • If you do not have a WSFS membership you will need to purchase one. If you voted in site selection at the DC Worldcon in 2021, you do have a WSFS membership but you will need to logon using the same email address you used in DC. If you can’t use that email address then email and consider including a cc: to (which goes to an email client in the U.S.) as a backup.
    • If you do have a WSFS membership, you will still need to purchase a site selection token for $50 USD. For Westerners, this payment is processed in the U.S. and can be made by credit card or similar electronic means (no cash or personal checks accepted). That $50 goes to the winning 2025 bid.
    • The easiest way to vote is electronically, which can be done entirely by email and fillable PDF. Scroll all the way down to “Electronic Voting Via Email” and follow the instructions.

That’s it! Please ask for assistance from the Chengdu staff if you run into problems, and afterwards feel free to drop us a line at and tell us about your experience.

Bombo Italian Kitchen Opens at Seattle Convention Center

The entrance to Bambo, the new restaurant at the new extension to the Seattle Convention Center.

This is exciting! The newly open Seattle Convention Center has its first restaurant tenant. Chef Ethan Stowell has opened Bombo, a traditional Italian restaurant specializing in house-made pasta and wood-fired pizzas. Just look at the bar area in the picture below, and imagine it filled with Worldcon attendees in 2025. We can’t wait.

The interior of Bamboo, featuring tall windows, high-backed booths along the walls, and tables in the center of the space.

Don’t Forget to Support Our Base2Space Team Before October 1!

The Space Needle as seen from below.

Remember the Seattle in 2025 Worldcon Bid is climbing the Space Needle on October 1–832 steps! Oy vey!–to raise money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Our team is currently in 19th place for fundraising. You can still donate to help us reach our fundraising goal for cancer research of $2,025.