Seattle 2025 Worldcon Bid News July 2023

We Are Appearing at NASFiC!

Say hello to us atthe Seattle in 2025 Worldcon Bid fan table at Pemmi-Con, the 2023 NASFiC, starting tomorrow in the Prairie Province population center of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We will also be hosting two evening parties, featuring our signature smoked salmon puffs, and a tea party on Saturday afternoon. Please check the convention schedule or stop by the fan table for details! This is our last official convention appearance before the 2023 Worldcon and our site selection vote.

Site Selection Voting to Open Soon!

A ballot being placed in a ballot box.

Ballot development is underway for the site selection vote to determine the location of the 2025 Worldcon. We hope Seattle will have your vote! To participate you will need two things: 1) a WSFS membership (formerly called supporting membership) in the 2023 Worldcon; and 2) a site selection voting token, which is a unique voting number purchased from the Chengdu Worldcon.

The WSFS membership can be purchased from the Chengdu website and comes with other benefits, such as the opportunity to vote in the Hugo Awards. Individuals who voted in the 2021 site selection contest between Chengdu and Winnipeg already have a WSFS membership; these individuals can log in using the email address they provided in 2021.

The site selection voting token, once sales begin, must be purchased directly from the Chengdu Worldcon. The cost is $50 USD, which is turned over to the winning bid. Along with the privilege to vote, voters will receive a WSFS membership in the 2025 Worldcon. If Seattle wins (we are running unopposed, but a write-in campaign is still possible), any other support money we have received from you will be applied dollar-for-dollar as credit towards an attending membership in the Worldcon.

Voting will be conducted both in person at the Worldcon and remotely by postal or electronic mail. More information will be announced by the Chengdu soon, and we will pass it along here and on our social media as soon as it is available.

Note: Some individuals outside China have had trouble exchanging emails with the Chengdu Worldcon, a necessary part of logging onto their website. If you have this issue, they recommend switching to another email address, because some email service providers, such as, block their emails. Once you have done this, email and explain the situation.

Climb to Space! Fight Cancer!

The Space Needle as seen from below.

A Seattle in 2025 Worldcon Bid team has registered for Base 2 Space, an annual fundraiser to climb the steps of the Space Needle to benefit Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Our goal is to raise at least $2,025, although with the help of the science fiction and Worldcon communities, we hope to blow past that number. Please donate here and give generously! We will take pictures from the top so you can see the beautiful city we hope you will be visiting in August 2025. Please indicate in the comments or email us at if your gift is in memory of a family member or member of the Worldcon community who has been lost, and we will read the names on video.

Looking for Something Different? Try Some Music

A photo collage of many recording artists from Seattle.

We have created a Spotify playlist showcasing famous hits by Seattle artists to get you in the mood for a Worldcon in Seattle. Bet you didn’t know some of the artists came from here! If you did, gloat about it on our Facebook page and tell us what you would have included.