Registration and Membership Upgrades Delayed

Registration and Ability to Upgrade to Attending Membership for Seattle Worldcon Bid Supporters and Site Selection Voters Delayed

Dear Seattle Worldcon 2025 Supporters and Future Attendees,

Due to a last-minute change in our registration software, our ability to process registrations and upgrades to attending memberships for site selection voters and bid supporters has been delayed past our originally projected date. We apologize for the delay. Please be assured we will honor our initial registration rates for at least two weeks after we are able to make our registration system go live.

Thank you for your patience as we iron out the bugs.

Kathy Bond, chair
Seattle Worldcon 2025

Upcoming events

Several trays of snacks in single-serving cups laid out on a hotel room counter.The Seattle Worldcon 2025 Team will be in person at Norwescon on March 28-31, 2024. We will have a fan table and will be hosting a variety of events in the Presidential Suite. Stay tuned for more information!